20 things you actually need in your hospital bag


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I know, I know.. you want to pack up your entire nursery to meet the baby !

Keep in mind, you most likely will not be in the hospital long – typical hospital stays (in Canada) are 24 hours for a vaginally (‘natural’) delivery, and 48 hours for a c-section. You will be in a hospital gown most of your stay and your baby will be nicely bundled in a couple warm blankets .. just like a cute little burrito!

Here is a list of 20 items moms should remember when packing your bags. If you like a free hospital checklist to make things easier to remember for the big day, click to download below


  1. Your health card, SIN number and identification

You will need this information while signing into the hospital as well as filling out paperwork once you have your baby


  1. Slippers/flipflops

So your 9 months pregnant and feeling as big as a house… youll need something to easily get on and off your feet especially if they are swollen or potentially may become swollen following delivery. Also, slippers are nice to wear around the hospital, whether in labor trying to get those contractions closer together or last longer.. or following delivery and you want to show off your new baby in the halls. Bring comfy slippers… that.. you can throw away if needbe. Anyone ever tell you labor is messy?? There is all kinds of stuff that can end up on those slippers.. better to leave them in the garbage 😊


  1. Robe

Hospital gowns are not flattering… especially if you have a big ol’ belly making it a little snug. Better to have something covering your backside incase your bum decides to make an appearance ! It also is known to get a little chilly in a hospital. A comfy robe can assist with that as well.


  1. Warm socks & underwear

Most hospitals supply you with delivery underwear. They are huge mesh grannie panties that are definitely not fashionable. But wow.. are they comfy! Sometimes you are lucky to snag a couple pairs of these, but if not you should come prepared with your own, large, comfy underwear. I know they are not cute, but with the possibility of a caesarean section and bleeding either way… they will come in handy! Low cut undies are not ideal following a c-section as usually the elastic band will hit right where you will have your incision. This can irritate and potentially cause harm to your incision site.

Warm socks again touch on if the hospital is cold. Also nice to just toss them afterwards…

  1. Diapers/Wipes

Hospitals will most likely provide some diapers and wipes. This can be asked during your prenatal appointment or tour of delivery suite. Either way it is nice to be prepared with these essentials.


  1. Baby’s take home outfit

    (one newborn size, one 0-3months)

This is a nice to have, not a need to have but I had the cutest sleeper for my son to come home in, it was a newborn size and I actually ended up needing preemie clothes for 3 weeks as he was born at 5lbs 10oz. He had about 3 outfits that fit him during that time. Also, ultrasound weights can be off. Most weights are never known to be exact.. so its hard to judge which sizing you will need right off until you meet your little one.


  1. Mom’s home outfit

Remember to grab a comfy outfit for yourself to travel home in. Whether it’s a maxi dress or leggings/long shirt. You want something that is easy to move in – no need to jeans to be worn in the next month really (haha). You will most likely still have a belly when going home.. don’t jump right to your pre-pregnancy clothes just yet.

Leggings were my go to when going home from the hospital in February.. I still remember how uncomfortable it was when getting in and out of the car 😐


  1. Your everyday essentials

Deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, lotion, razor, hair tie, brush, and easy makeup are all nice to have in your bag. You will want to shower afterwards, even if you don’t want to manage your hair – dry shampoo will come in handy!


  1. Snacks/drinks/gum

Have I mentioned that hospital food sucks?? Well I was in and out of the hospital during the last weeks of my pregnancy so I had the joy of trying out all things on the menu.. my go to? Walking down the hall and making myself a piece of toast with PB and jam … seriously. Gatorade and gum are also nice to have on hand.


  1. Phone charger

Youll want to be sure your partner can keep people up to date. And lets be honest… we will need to update facebook once your little bundle is here ! This is also a must if you will be using your phone primarily for photos!


  1. Chapstick

Great to have close by while laboring. If you have an epidural you will most likely not be able to have much more than clear liquids or ice chips. Chapstick really helps in this case.


  1. 2-3 sleepers for babe

You may find you don’t dress your little one much while in the hospital but they are nice to have in case you do. I find if breastfeeding it is easier to keep them bundled in 2 blankets and just have them in a diaper under. This makes it easier and quicker to have them skin to skin prior to starting breastfeeding. Also, if they are only in a diaper for feeding it helps them stay awake longer and actually feed more effectively.


  1. Soother

Some people may hate that I have this on the list. BUT I am just forewarning you that many hospitals do not provide. If you are wishing to use one its better to be safe. Yes, they are not recommended until breastfeeding(if planning) is established. That being said, I am realistic. This is your baby. Use a soother if you please. Colt loved these ones!

Philip Avent Soothers


  1. Baby socks

Many people will tell you to pack baby mittens. I find the mittens do not stay on babies hands very good so I suggest baby socks. The elastic help actually keep them on their hands as to not scratch themselves.

  1. 1-2 Muslin baby blanket

My favorite baby blankets ! I love the fabric, so soft and cuddly. They are also made larger than most other baby blankets or receiving blankets. They make it so much easier to perform a better swaddle and come in such cute designs.

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets


  1. 2 pillows

Hospital pillows are usually tough and flat. Make the most out of the little sleep you will get and bring your own comfy pillow. Also, looking out for the dads on this one, bring one for him too !


  1. Breast pads

It can take a couple days for your milk to come in. So you may not need these right away at the hospital but so nice to have on hand if you do!

Here are two options! I didnt mind the disposable, but looking back, the washable would have saved more money in the long run!

 Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads


Organic Bamboo Washable Breast Pads


  1. Nursing tank/Bra

These products make life so much easier if breastfeeding.


  1. Music

It is nice during your labor to have your own music, its also much easier if you can bring a little bluetooth speaker for your music.


  1. Notepad & Pen

The nurses and doctors will be telling you so much information. It’ll be easier to keep upcoming appointments straight, to do’s following your little ones arrivals and tips all in one place.



Dad should also have a small bag with basic toiletries, change of clothes, sweater, phone charger, & swim shorts (you may want to labor in the shower).


Remember to bring the car seat to the hospital as well!


Yay! Your almost set to have this baby! If you’d like to receive a FREE Hospital Bag checklist to make life a little easier, download below!


Feel free to tell me what else is in your hospital bag in the comments below! What couldn’t you have lived without while in hospital?


Congrats on your little one !

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10 Replies to “20 things you actually need in your hospital bag”

  1. I wish I had this list when I was having my babies. Yes, definitely the flip flops!

    1. Definately don’t need to be trying to bend down and tie your shoes following !

  2. Yes to all of these. I do love to bring cozy slippers and my own robe to make modest breastfeeding easy (though I mean at that point the whole world has seen everything I’ve got so eh) haha. Great list.

    1. Totally agree … you soon do not care about anything or anyone who see’s your stuff !

  3. This is a great list for packing your hospital bag! I went into labor at 34 weeks with my oldest son and I will just say that throwing everything into a bag when you weren’t prepared is not a great option. Love that you mentioned “labor is messy”. I wasn’t prepared the first time around for my slippers not making it through labor – lol!

    1. Yes ! So hard when your not prepared. I was in and out of the hospital from 33weeks on (threatening induction each time).. first time my hubby just threw everything in my bag — funny what they see as essential HAHA … When I was aloud to go home, I packed my own bag right away !

  4. Yes to everything! It’s really important to have a reasonable list of what to pack in order to be comfortable and relaxed in the hospital after delivery.

    1. Yes ! 💜

  5. One of the items that I packed to the hospital was a very comfy pair of sweat pants.

    1. Very good idea ! I lived in the hospital gown and then my leggings to go home !

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