Baby Led Weaning

Getting ready to introduce solids to your babe and looking into how to start, but keep hearing this Baby Led Weaning and thinking it has to do with weaning from breastfeeding? I know, I did too.. that’s when I had to do more research into what the heck was BLW!?

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What Is Baby Led Weaning?

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is a fancy term for feeding your baby what you are eating, cut up in strips or cubes preferably with ability to easily grasp. There will be a lot of gagging with this method, so if your not comfortable with this, purees may be a better option for your family. Making note there is a clear difference between gagging and choking.

BLW is mostly noted for 2nd time parents as it may be easier for them with the potential chaos of a toddler 😉 Not to say 1st time parents do not use BLW at all.. just some feel purees is a better option as gagging scares most new moms.

I started out with purees with Colt, for about 1.5 months. Now, he has two teeth…yes TWO.. how did that happen?? I did half purees, half BLW for about another month and now I’m fulling doing BLW (at 8 months). yes.. I started around 5 months with direction from my doctor and readiness of Colt.


More questions about starting solids? Purees vs BLW? Is your baby ready? Visit my next post, here!


Here are some meal ideas I make regularly for Colt;

Breakfast; oatmeal with fruit, toast & avocado, toast & PB, toast,PB & banana, eggs with olive oil, yogurt with fruit, cottage cheese with or without fruit, avocado, blueberry pancakes, eggs with avocado, eggs, kale and avocado or PB

Lunch/Dinner; Chicken with sweet potato & peas, beef with carrot & broccoli, lentils with butternut squash & kale, chicken sandwich, butternut squash pasta with broccoli & chicken, grill cheese, PB sandwich, eggs, kale, PB & mixed berries are a new fav!

Snacks; Peppers, cucumber, cheerios, crackers & cheese, pickles, carrots, PB sandwich, avocado strips


Toast with Avocado is always a hit 😉




Pumpkin, Kale, & PB



Avocado, Egg & Olive Oil



PB on Toast



Egg, Kale, & Olive Oil



*It is recommended by the Government of Canada to avoid honey until after 12 months of age. This is due to a rare yet serious condition called Infant Botulism. In Canada honey is the only food which is linked to this disease.

*It is also recommend to avoid cows milk until after 12 months of age as well. Young infants cannot digest cows milk completely or easily as breastmilk or formula. Cows milk can cause stress to the babies kidneys and cause severe illness.



Id love to hear your thoughts! What did you start with? Purees or BLW? How many children do you have!?


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  1. Definitely! sometimes I wish this was encouraged ehen my kids were babies!

    1. Yes ! There are so many changes all the time ! It’s hard to keep up

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