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Hello and welcome to my blog ! My name is Cheyenne and I’m a mom, a wife, and a Registered Nurse.


Ill be touching on some valuable information that Ive learned about pregnancy, motherhood, babies, sleep and real answers to all those questions everyone ask after they have a child!


My son, Colt, was born in February 2017 and wow did our lives change! I have always been that woman who dreamt of being a mom. It was the one thing I wanted to be in life.. I didn’t care about making a name for myself or making great money.. I just wanted to be a mom.. That’s it. Now, that I have my son, I notice that I feel so incredibly happy!  It is beyond anything I ever imagined.. I knew I would fall completely in love with my child but you honestly don’t know the feeling until they are born and you hold them in your arms, cliche, I know. It is absolutely amazing the joy he brings to me and my husband and my life, everyday.


My husband and I have been together for 9 years, married for 2. We met the second day of University while coming off an elevator and have been together ever since. It was defiantly serendipity… Right place right time kinda thing. He is amazing and understands me like no other. We have had ups and downs and keep coming out stronger than ever. One thing I attribute that to is our good communication skills — and I have to say… That is something he has taught me. I could not wait to start a family with him. We have the same goals, similar parenting styles and family values. Jonah is very supportive and is like a big kid himself.


I went to university and have become a Registered Nurse, working in Obstetrics (Moms & Babies), which is and always was my goal going into nursing, and have been working full time here in Alberta for 6 years now. It is amazing to be with someone at their weakest and yet happiest moments of their life! Everyone thinks “wow! labor and delivery… that must be the best unit to work on!!” … yes.. its usually is a great area, stressful but great in so many ways..and then sometimes.. its not.. but ill get into that a little later on!


Right now, I continue my year off on maternity leave … I was going absolutely shack happy trying to get Colts sleeping better (his nights are good but he was a cat napper!) so now that Ive been more consistent with him sleeping in his crib and using helpful tips i’ve learned over the past 10 months.. I feel like I’m tied to the house even more!! I am not one to stay home everyday.. but with only 2 hour wake times, I am not getting out as much as I wanted. I knew I had to do something for myself! (confession: my husbands recommendation)


So, welcome to my blog..I hope you enjoy !

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