Day home Interview

Whether your looking into a Day home or Daycare facility for your baby it can be a very tiring and stressful search.

You could be one of the fortunate ones that find your ‘perfect match’ right off the bat.. or you could be looking at a long road ahead of interviews and visiting day homes.

Keep in mind you need to determine your top 3-5 deal breakers! Say for example, drop off needs to be 620am – 7am would be a deal breaker or you may not have a job to go back to 😉 Are you dead set on the caregiver not driving with your child? I know I was… no judgement here – This was definitely my deal breaker. Does your child need his/her own room to nap? With maybe a sound machine and a certain bear? You need to find someone who is willing to work with you and your child’s schedule! This is a hard task, do not take it lightly and it could potentially take you a couple months to find someone absolutely perfect… and YES, you need that someone to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.. because if you cannot be there for your child you need to be darn sure that his/her caregiver is the second best!

Here is a comprehensive list of questions for your potentially day home provider to answer prior to a visit to be sure you are not wasting your time!

Dayhome / Daycare Interview

What are your hours of operation? Are they flexible at all?

Do you charge if late to pickup? How much per minute/hour?

Are you wanting to be paid weekly/biweekly/monthly?

How much is your full time/part time rate?

Do you provide drop in care? Rate?

How many children do you have on a given day? What is your maximum number of children?

Is this on top or including your own?

How many years have you run your dayhome?

Do you have any formal training with children?

What does a typical day look like? Please include general schedule

Do you frequently go on field trips?

Do you drive with the kids? Do you have liability insurance?

If so, do I provide child’s car seat?

Do you go by child’s nap schedule or is dayhome run on strict routine?

Are all the children in your dayhome vaccinated?

Is TV allowed? How many hours? What kind of shows are aloud? Examples please

Are there pets in the home?

Are there smokers in the home?

Do you have a current criminal check?

Do you have current CPR? First Aid?

Who else in the home, has contact with children?

Do they have a criminal record?

Do you ever have friends or family come over while dayhome is open?

How would I know if my child is too sick to come to dayhome?

What is your plan when it comes to sickness/emergency/accident?

Do I still pay for care if my child is ill or on holiday?

How much notice do you give for holidays and days off?

Do you take vacation in summer or Christmas?

What is your discipline approach?

How do you approach fighting over a toy?

How do you comfort my child?

What are typical meals/snacks?

Do you provide food/snacks?

Views on sugary snacks and juice?

What do you expect parent to provide?

Do you have an open door policy?

Do I receive a daily report on my child? What does it entail? Photos? Texts?

When it comes to potty training.. do you help out? How do you go about this?

Do you or could you administer medication if need be?

Where do children take naps?

Is it dark in the room? Is the noise well controlled?

Is there a monitor (video/audio) to hear child when wakes?

Are you able to hold a spot for {Month/Year}?

If so, do you require a deposit? How much? Is it refundable?

Documents you should see are; Education Diploma, Criminal Record Check(and view others in household if around child), CPR Certificate, First Aid Certificate, Insurance Liability (if driving), License(if registered with province)

Be sure to get references for current and past parents.. and CALL them!

Also remember to keep your receipts! They will come in handy at tax time.

What is your top priority when looking for a dayhome/daycare? Its a very hard step for a mom to look into – I hope your partner is helpful! Start early ! You need to find that perfect caregiver! And sometimes its hard to find depending on budget, hours etc. Give yourself time to feel comfortable and start this new routine!

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13 Replies to “Day home Interview”

  1. The perfect list, so nothing goes wrong. Its great to be prepared for everything. This is perfect, thanks for sharing.

  2. These are some great questions to ask caregivers!! Thanks for sharing! I will pin it to pass it along!

  3. Honestly so hard to find help with watching kids these days. Great selection of questions!

  4. This is very informative and helpful for many of us. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great list, very comprehensive. Sharing it with friends who might be looking for childcare!

  6. Finding childcare can be so hard! These are great questions to ask.

  7. Great list of questions! It is already so overwhelming when looking into childcare. Great to have this list already prepared 😊

    1. Definitely know how you feel! It is so overwhelming 🙁

  8. That list of questions is so helpful for parents who are looking perfect day home provider. I will keep it for later If I will need one

  9. This is great timing as we will be searching for day care help soon! Thanks for all the questions (some that I definitely would not have thought to ask!).

    1. Good luck with your search! It can be extremely stressful and time consuming

  10. This is a very thorough list!! I wish I’d found this list when I was looking for a child to nanny! I think it’s helpful on both ends because I struggled to figure out what to ask and what to cover when we were figuring out logistics. Luckily the girl whose daughter I kept was very flexible and laid back! MY deal breaker as a nanny was that I had to be allowed to take the child in my car! Mostly because I can’t fathom being stuck home all day with two toddlers and I didn’t see it being fair to my son. Luckily she agreed! These are awesome questions that I’m sure lots of people will find helpful!

    1. That is so true! It definitely goes both ways and both parties have to be completely comfortable! I totally understand where your coming from wanting to get out! In my area dayhomes are able to have 6 children under their care on a given day, in my head I have no idea how it is safe for one person to be able to watch and maintain everyones safety – especially out in public where some dayhome owners wish to go to the zoo, science center etc. Just me preference though 🙂

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