Lactation Boost Smoothie Recipe

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This is how I got my milk supply up, with this awesome lactation smoothie!


Having a hard time getting your milk supply where you need it to be? Or just want to up your supply to stock your freezer?

Lately Ive been noticing my supply decreasing a bit, I believe its due to Colt sleeping so well at night..therefore I’m not feeding so often anymore.

My freezer supply is dwindling down and now I notice my supply slightly decreasing its making me a little nervous! So here is my go to recipe to get my milk flowing again!!

I usually make two at a time and put one in the fridge. I try to have at least 1-2 per day for a couple days, feed every chance I get and pump as well. I worked hard at this breastfeeding gig and I’m not giving up at 8 months!! hah



2 tbsp Peanut Butter

1 tbsp Cocoa Baking Powder

1/4 cup Oats

1 tbsp Brewers Yeast

2 Fenugreek Capsules (emptied)

1 tbsp Flaxseed

1/2 Frozen Banana

2 Blessed Thistle Capsules (emptied)

Almond Milk (top off)



How to;

Place all ingredients into your magic bullet cup (Remember I like to make two at once so I use one full frozen banana)

Top off with almond milk and ice, be sure to shake or stir a bit as to get all dry ingredients covered with milk! Blend and enjoy 🙂


Oats, Brewers yeast, Blessed thistle and fenugreek are amazing to help milk supply !!

Where I get these ingredients;

*click photos below

Natures Bounty Fenugreek

Natures Way Blessed Thistle

Everland Brewers Yeast


Update! I drank two of these and I can feel my milk supply back up to normal !! Woohooo!

*Individual results varies, this is my own personal experience and what has worked for me.


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