Gift Ideas for Moms on Bedrest

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Not sure what to get your best friend who was recently placed on bedrest for potentially the rest of her pregnancy?

Either at her house or hospital, bedrest can seem daunting! There is so much to do before your little bundle of joy arrives and no one truly expects to be put on bedrest, being forced to literally do nothing but relax and cook your baby a lil longer!

Of course the natural things come to mind like snacks, dvds, magazines.. but how about something a little different… something she will absolutely adore you for!?

My favorite ideas include..

  • Get a hairstylist to come to her.. she will love a good wash/dry and style
  • At home pedicure! There are also travel salons, everyone needs a great pedicure before birth to be labor ready 😉
  • Bring her lunch from her favorite restaurant
  • Preload a kindle for her with her favorite authors or must reads!
  • Prepay for a month subscription to Netflicks (If she doesnt have it.. but really.. who doesn’t have netflicks?!)

& of course the best gift of all….. YOUR TIME!!

Go visit her! Spend the afternoon/evening with her when you can. Bedrest is deathly boring! There is so many shows on netflicks that you really enjoy.. and depending on length of time you’ve been resting, you can get through many shows in just a couple days. Offer to make her lunch, help prep the baby room, do her dishes/laundry, vacuum, anything is helpful!


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