Must Have Medications for Baby


As a Nurse and now mother, here are my go to and must have medications I have on hand at all times for my little guy. In my experience, I’d rather spend the money up front (or use that coupon up before it expires) rather than run to a store when I absolutely need something… which could be 3am.


Infant Tylenol

Infant Advil *Do not use until 6 months old

Gripe Water

Vitamin D Drops

Coryzalia Cold


Baby Vicks

Bum Cream


Nasal Spray

Nasal Aspirator



Saline/Boogie Wipes

Syringes (1ml & 5ml)


Essential Oils

*I prefer Plant Therapy



Nighty Night / SleepSlumber




KidSafe Starter Set UndilutedKid Safe Starter Set

This page may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend items that I have personally used, love and trust!

*Disclaimer; I am not a doctor. I am going off my experience, with my son. Please always check with your doctor before giving your child medication*

*Be sure to click on image to find out where I buy these items!



Tylenol helps with minor aches and pains. So think following your child’s vaccinations, if they seem to have a different cry when moving their leg and just seem to be unsettled. Tylenol may help. It is also used for temporarily reducing a fever. Tylenol can also help during teething or a common cold.

Infant Tylenol

Advil can also be used in similar circumstances as Tylenol. Although you are not to use Infant Advil if your baby is under 6 months old. I found Advil helped my son through teething a bit better than Tylenol and it lasted longer. Remember, Advil, Ibuprofen and Motrin are all the same drug. Tylenol and Advil can be given together (I find most effective when I stagger both)

Infant Advil

Gripe Water is helpful if my son is gassy or seems to have an upset belly. It may also help with colic.

Kolik Gripe Water

Vitamin D Drops are recommended for every infant as well as adults. Dosage is provided by your family doctor or pediatrician but it is usually 1-2 drops every day. Vitamin D is recommended due to decreased sunlight exposure.

Vitamin D Drops

Coryzalia Cold, I loved this stuff when my son got his first cold. Along with the use of nasal spray and a nasal aspirator I found these drops helped him sleep and feel better. It is noted to help with nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing.

Coryzalia Cold

Benadryl, this would probably be the nurse in me but I needed to buy Benadryl before my son started solids, thinking back though… this would be good to have on hand right from the get go!

Childrens Benadryl

Bum Cream is always good to have on hand for those nasty diaper rashes. I LOVE Alexanders Rash Ease, previously known as Everything Butt Cream. I love this bum cream .. it is made by a pharmacist here in Calgary, Alberta. It is definitely my go to cream for a red bum, by next diaper change it is fine (my son is not the sensitive type). You are able to buy over the pharmacy counter at London Drugs in Alberta and BC or can order online!

Alexanders Rash Ease


Lets just touch on this nasal aspirator… I remember when both myself and my best friend were pregnant and we spoke about these aspirators like they were the nastiest things ever. We were so disgusted and said we would NEVER use them. Well am I eating my words… and I also know my friend is too. We both ended up getting one when our sons were congested. They are the best things since sliced bread! Seriously! They work so well and you honestly feel satisfied when you’ve retrieved the giant booger causing your little one not to breath well! FIY.. they have a filter! I think that is why I was so disgusted, I never realized they had a filter ha-ha ..lets just blame pregnancy/mom brain for that one !

Nasal Aspiratot

Nasal Spray


Must have Essential Oils for baby;

I prefer Plant Therapy Essential Oils as they are pure essential oils. It is noted that many other ‘essential oils’ are pure yet only have a small amount of the actual oil in there bottle. For an oil to be able to have pure on their label they only require 5% of the actual oil. This stat alone blew my mind ! This is why I made the switch to PT!! That being said you can find out a lot more information about how the oil is pressed and sealed at

KidSafe Starter Set UndilutedStarter Set

Plant Therapy has an entire line devoted to our littles ! KidSafe is safe and effective for children from 2-10years

*personally I like to dilute and make my own blends for my little one – this is my own preference and I have been using essential oils on my little one since birth.


NightyNight/SweetSlumber helps promote sleep and calms baby
Nighty Night KidSafe Essential Oil 30 mLNighty Night
Sweet Dreams KidSafe Essential Oil 30 mLSweet Dreams

Lavender & Cedarwood is great to promote sleep
Lavender Essential Oil 30 mLLavender
Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil 30 mLCedarwood

TummyAllBetter helps little ones upset bellys
Tummy All Better KidSafe Essential Oil 10 mLTummy All Better

Calming the Child helps calm and relax babies. Can be used for diaper rash and It also may help relieve colic.
Calming the Child Organic KidSafe Essential OilCalming The Child

Clove & Copaiba is a miracle worker with teething!
Clove Bud Essential Oil 30 mLClove
Copaiba Oleoresin Organic 30 mLCopaiba

Seriously the most amazing teething mix. I make up a roller ball of these essential oils, roll it over Colts jawline and almost instantly he is pain free

i’m.not.kidding .. AMAZING !!


Interested on how to make your own roll on ? Check out my post here!


GermDestroyer is amazing for coughs and colds
Germ Destroyer KidSafe Essential Oil 100 mLGerm Destroyer


*Disclaimer; Again, I am not a doctor. I am going off my experience, with my son. Please always check with your doctor before giving your child medication*


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