Pumping Basics

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Whether your pregnant and eagerly planning your little ones arrival, wanting to pump exclusively or just randomly to give yourself a break, this course breaks pumping down easily and covers the essentials! It breaks down the basics of how breastfeeding works and gives you exactly what you need to know about pumping!

Pumping 101 ecourse also goes over tips on best ways to increase your milk supply, gives you the most up to date charts and diagrams to assist you as well as charts, checklists, milk logs and more!


Pumping is a lot of work ! Good on your for making the effort to give your little one the best source of nutrients. Any length of time you’ve breastfed or pumped you should give yourself a pat on the back! Breastfeeding does not always come so naturally as we make it out to be. It is hard work, tiring and can be extremely tough if you do not have the proper resources or support. And did I mention hurt?? I know, I know… everyone says it is not suppose to hurt when having a proper latch BUT your nipples need to desensitize for this type of nearly constant stimulation.. and the one time you may be trying out side lying and potentially fall asleep with babe still latched with no guidance… can make your nipples feel raw for about 3 weeks…. not speaking from experience or anything :-/ Ooooh I cringe just thinking back !


Why Pump!?

Remember, your baby is much more efficient than any pump.. do not get discouraged with potentially ‘small’ amounts of breast milk. Babies have a natural suck pattern that helps increase your milk – thus, supply and demand. It is understandable to want to pump if going back to work, wanting to take a break for a couple feeds here and there or even once a day, if your baby is born prematurely, is in NICU, has health issues or they are losing to much weight. Plus so many other personal reasons to want to pump – good on you! Pumping is very time consuming – dare I say more than actually breastfeeding. You are doing amazing!

Medela- This hospital grade pump is amazing ! It is the one I use and trust and highly recommend it to all other mamas. It is one of the few pumps that can help bring in and maintain your full milk supply.

Freemie- This amazing little pump is so cool! The cups can hold up to 8oz each and fit nicely in your bra for discrete pumping. AMAZING for a working mom who does not want to hide in the bathroom or locker room while pumping for 30 odd minutes. The collection cups are also compatible with all leading double electric pumps (so they work amazing with a Medela Pump!), or you can buy the complete system.



*Photo from https://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com


Your breast shield should fit properly. Your nipple, when centered in the breast shield tunnel should move freely when you are pumping.

If your breast shield does not fit properly, it can hinder your milk supply and cause discomfort. You can measure the size needed yourself, if still unsure, you can consult a Lactation Consultant to be sure.

Too Small; Your nipple will rub along the side of the tunnel.

Too Big; You will notice your nipple and areola being pulled into the breast shield tunnel.



How Often Should I Pump?

Your breastmilk volume is based on supply and demand. Be sure to pump as often as your baby would eat. If you are pumping right from the get go, try pumping at least every 3 hours. Newborns eat typically 8-12 times a day. If they are not going to the breast, it is best to pump(while they have a bottle). This will allow your supply to be maintained.

If you are starting to pump once your milk is established – say to go back to work, pump as many times as your baby would typically eat in a day while you are away – if they would feed 3 times, pump 3 times, and so on.

Although most moms want to give themselves a much needed break at night. It is not recommended to skip night feedings as it can decrease your milk supply. A woman’s body produces more prolactin (milk producing hormone) at night. This makes night time feeds essential during the first few months of your newborns life. Night time feeds help establish a strong milk supply.


TIP: A warm compress on your breasts for approximately 5 minutes prior to pumping can significantly increase the milk you pump off… your welcome 😉


How Much Should I Be Pumping?

This really depends on the mother. Some moms are able to pump the equivalent to what your baby needs. Others can only pump 0.5-1oz each pumping session. Your production also depends on if the baby just finished eating, if he will be feeding in another hour.. or two hours. You also need to be thinking of your baby while pumping. If you are stressed out thinking about the next day at work – then your production will most likely be lower than if you were sitting watching videos of your little from the previous day. Keep your little one on your mind, go through your photos and videos! It helps so much!


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14 Replies to “Pumping Basics”

  1. So grateful for my precious babes but I found breastfeeding so hard as none of my babies took well to my milk with a mix of milk allergies and lactose intolerant babes. I loved feeding them by breast, but sadly their bodies didn’t respond well to it so was forced to stop at 5months, 3 weeks and 4 months (respectively per child)
    So jealous of mamas who can feed for months & months

    1. Dont beat yourself up! Breastfeeding is hard work! You did great and you did what was best and needed for your children !

  2. Wow what a great ebook!!! Something I could have use when my two were younger. I will be sharing this with all my prego friends 💗

    1. Thankyou! Pumping & Breastfeeding are hard work! Anything to help new mamas out !

  3. It’s a great resource for new mom. I breastfeed all my 3 kids and it’s great that sometimes you could pump beforehand to go outside.

    1. Thats awesome! Breastfeeding is hard work! So nice to give yourself a little break now and then!

  4. This is a great post,such helpful tips. Sharing this post with new mommy I know. I never had a chance to do any of this. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for sharing Anna!

  5. I pumped few times when I was breastfeeding. I oldest daughter never liked the bottle, so I ended up not pumping much. When I did, I used that milk for rice cereal.

    1. There are definitely uses for breast milk when kiddos arn;t a fan of the bottle! I loved milk baths for my little as he had such dry skin! Also used it for popsicles with teething and of course rice cereal although he was not a fan!

  6. I had to pump with both of my kids when I was at work, and the Medela pump was amazing! I breastfed/pumped with them both until they were one. I’m glad I did it but don’t miss it!!

    1. oh Lauren good for you! pumping is hard! So easy to stop when heading back to work.. its awesome you were able to keep going until 1! Medela is by far my favorite but I love the discretion of Freemie!

  7. Thanks for sharing! Many moms don’t realize what all goes into pumping. I was NOT a successful pumper and am in awe of moms who can!

    1. It is crazy how much work is involved !

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