Starting Solids

So your coming up on the 6 month mark with your little one and getting excited about starting solids?? You should be! Its such an exciting time! What will they absolutely love? What will they hate? Did you know, if your baby doesn’t seem to like something it can take them up to 15 times of trying it for them to like it? Crazy eh!?

While I was prepping Colt for solids we would place him in his highchair for our family meals. I would give him a spoon and sippy cup to play with while we ate and had family time. I feel this was great for his development and ability to handle a spoon and sippy cup from a younger age.

5 Signs your baby is ready for solids!

  1. Baby is sitting well, with little or no support.
  2. Good head & neck control
  3. Curious about food! My little guy watched me… every bite I took… and every drink I sipped!
  4. Opens mouth when you offer them food
  5. Turns head when full or keeps mouth closed.

Most babies are ready around 6 months – you can talk with your doctor about starting solids!

Getting Started!!

Keep in mind breastmilk or formula is still the main source of your child’s nutritional supplement. Offer breastmilk or formula before food.

Offer baby 1 new food at a time. Wait 2-4 days between introduction of next food, as this make it easier to determine an allergic reaction.

Start small. Offer 1-3 tsp and gradually work up. You will get to know your baby pretty quick. If they are continuing to open their mouth to the spoon, give more. If they are tight lipped and turning their head, they are now done.

Know your babies cues! Wait until your baby opens their mouth before giving food. Your baby may eat slow.. or fast. When Colt likes something, he cant get enough of it! Feed your baby as quickly or as slowly as your little one wants. It is their experience with new textures and tastes… go with the flow!

Offer food once a a day and make your way up.

Expect a mess!! Your baby is exploring and want to touch everything. It is actual noted that a baby wants to mush its food in their hands to know how it’ll be in their mouth.. pretty cool eh?? **Clean up is much easier is baby is naked at mealtimes.. or if you have one of these handy bibs from IKEA (picture)–amazing ! Plus they just wipe off for easy cleanup!

Everyday will be different. Some days your little one will seem to eat a lot, others, not so much! And that’s okay! Slowly, as months go on and they eat more solids, babies will drink less breastmilk/formula and eat more solid food.

Possible Signs of a Food Allergy

  • redness around mouth
  • rash or hives over body
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • stomach pain
  • crying more than usual

Research shows that if you wait to give certain foods may just delay an allergy, not prevent it. Reactions can happen right away or take a couple days to appear. Sometimes a reaction can even take a longer time to develop.. showing signs of watery/swollen eyes, runny nose or poor growth.

Stop feeding your baby the food you think they may be allergic to and contact your doctor.


  • your baby has trouble breathing
  • cannot swallow
  • tongue or mouth is swelling

Signs of wanting more!

  • opens mouth
  • leans forward
  • reaches or grabs food
  • sucks or smacks lips
  • fist in mouth

Signs your little one is full

  • keeps mouth closed
  • turns head away
  • fusses/cries

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10 Replies to “Starting Solids”

  1. Aw this was one of my favourite milestones. Seeing their cute little faces taste new things for the first time.

    1. Yes! I loved watching my son’s facial expressions!

  2. I was so excited when my daughter started solids! I wish I had your article then, I would have felt a bit more prepared!!

    1. It is such an exciting time šŸ™‚

  3. These are great tips for mamas of littles! I wish Iā€™d had a reference like this back when my boys were tiny !

    1. Thank you šŸ’œ

  4. It is exciting watching the new developmental milestones and so fun watching the faces they make!

    1. Yes ! It is so fun to watch there face !

  5. This was my favorite milestone, when my baby was ready for some food I was so excited. Watching them enjoy their food and all the facial expression is just priceless. Love your pictures.

    1. Such a fun stage ! Thank you!

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