Stock Up Before Baby!

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In the weeks of you first bringing your baby home from the hospital the last thing you want to do is run to the store for say toilet paper or shampoo. Here is a quick guide to help you prep before babe comes so your able to stay home with your bundle with less stress !

For Baby;

Gripe Water/Ovol – of course these are optional.. I just like the idea of having these on hand rather than running to shoppers in the middle of the night as your little one is crazy fussy due to gas, etc!

Ovol Drops

Kolik Gripe Water – Alcohol Free

KidSafe Organic Synergy Set

Tummy All Better KidSafe Essential Oil 10 mL

Diapers, size newborn and size 1

Pampers Newborn Swaddlers

*Amazon Prime subscription is amazing! They delivery a pack of diapers every month (ability to change and cancel subscription at any time) at 20% off regular price, plus if any coupons are noted in there system they will add them directly to your order!


Pampers Wipes

*Can also subscribe to wipes for the 15% off plus coupons if applicable !


Bum Cream

Alexanders Rash Ease – FAVORITE Bum Cream by far!



For Home;

This is a short list of just little things to have on hand so your not running to the grocery store more than need be. Its hard getting a newborn ready and out the door (I had to give myself an extra hour to get out of the door in the morning!). These items also help out as there tends to be more visitors around the house in the first month your little one is here. That is why extra toilet paper, hand soap etc are nice to have on hand.

Toilet Paper – love Costco!

Paper Towel – again.. Costco!

Disposable plates and cutlery (for those nights you are dreading cleanup!)



Body Wash

Hand Soap


Laundry Soap (baby friendly) – I use scent free… I don’t really feel a need for actual ‘baby friendly’ laundry soap, that being said.. my little guy is not sensitive.

Stain remover – think poo blow outs and spit up!

Dryer Sheets


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  1. This is a great list for moms to be. Thanks for writing.

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