Teething Miracle Roll On

So you’ve hit the *dreaded* teething stage for your little one?

I say dreaded because you hear horror stories of your baby being up all night, inconsolable and in pain from there silly teeth coming in. I had the same fears as you… I was nervous to hit the teething stage as I knew teeth come in at all different times and can take forever to actually peak through — and sometimes like to play ‘peak a boo’ ! Can you imagine the pain our little ones feel when there sharp teeth are piercing through there delicate gums? I feel terrible when Colt is teething because I know it must be so painful!

Some kids are troopers when it comes to teething – you may not even notice they get a couple new teeth until the one day they actually let you look in their mouth to see a not so gummy smile! Some on the other hand are little monsters.. and I say that in the nicest way possible !

Colt was a somewhere in the middle. You can tell hes in a little pain when it comes to teething but not full out monster mode!


You always hear about the greatness of Clove Essential Oil but it took me over a year to purchase it! I have no idea why I waited so long.. seriously.. go order this now!!! I’m not lying… this stuff is AMAZING!


I made this roll on the same day I received my Clove Essential Oil in the mail ! That same day Colt was suffering from his teeth (hence why I placed the order!). Once I made this roll on, which took all of say, 5 minutes, I used it on Colt prior to his nap. Within 2 minutes he was calm and it seemed to be kicking in! Seriously, I’m not sure why essential oils still surprise me that they work… but they do.. on a regular basis. This roll on is now a staple to Colts ‘medication’ drawer.

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What You Need;

Roller Bottle (I use a 10ml bottle)

Carrier Oil (I like fractionated coconut oil)

Dropper (optional)

Plant Therapy Clove Essential Oil

Plant Therapy Copaiba Essential Oil

Plant Therapy TeaTree Essential Oil


How To;

Place 10 drops Clove Essential Oil in roll on bottle

Place 5 drops Copaiba Essenital Oil in roll on bottle

Place 5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil in roll on bottle

Top off with carrier oil

Insert roller ball

Shake and roll on jaw line! *Do not get close to mouth as clove is a little spicy if child gets any in mouth


That’s it! Your MIRACLE Teething Roll On is complete!




Where I buy my stuff;

Roller Bottles

Go for a roll on that is amber or colored – don’t get clear as it can decrease effectiveness of some oils over time. These are my favorite! Plus they come with little droppers so you do not need more unless you wanted to buy a pack (I use them for the carrier oil if my bottle of coconut oil doesn’t have pump).

Carrier Oil


Clove Essential Oil

Clove Bud Essential Oil 30 mLPlant Therapy Clove

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba Oleoresin 30 mLPlant Therapy Copaiba

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil 30 mLPlant Therapy Tea Tree


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12 Replies to “Teething Miracle Roll On”

  1. I can remember those teething days and I am grateful that I survived them and remained sane.

  2. I cannot wait to try this! I have a little girl due in May so I know we will be back in this world very soon.

  3. Teething days are tough. I am in middle of them with my girl and I think I should give it a try .

  4. This sounds like great home remedies. Teething can definitely be rough. I wish I knew this when my little guy was teething!

  5. Barbara Alfeo says: Reply

    Wow, great topic! Teething is the worst!

  6. I hated teething! Now I may use this for my daughter in braces!

  7. how long does the relief last for the baby? This is such a good idea to try

    1. I find it can last a couple hours. Feel free to reapply as needed! I do 🙂

  8. Teething is awful! My son has been working on his 2-year-old molars for what feels like forever! I’ll have to look into this for my second.

    1. oooh we just got over the first 2 molars! this roll on is amazing !

  9. We just had baby number 2 a week ago. This is going to be a life saver!!!

    1. Eric, it is seriously a life saver! Congrats on your little one!

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