Baby/Toddler Breakfast Ideas

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Baby/Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Drawing a blank on breakfast ideas for you little? I find my boy gets sick of the same things over and over. I like to change it up regularly but my mommy brain sometimes is stumped! Here is a quick list with some famous breakfast ideas!

Eggs – scrambled, hard boiled, fried, omelettes etc
Hash browns/Potato wedges
Toast – PB, avocado, PB & banana, PB & jam, jam, banana, egg, egg & avocado, butter with cinnamon
Pancakes – fruit
French Toast – fruit
Yogurt with or without fruit
Cottage Cheese with or without fruit
Waffles – fruit
Cereal – dry or with milk
Smoothies (I like to add avocado, kale/spinach and fruit to mine)
Egg muffins – cheese, veggies, meats
Cream of wheat
Bagel – butter or cream cheese or peanut butter

What is your little ones favorite breakfast? How old are they?!

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2 Replies to “Baby/Toddler Breakfast Ideas”

  1. Great ideas! So my little guy is not yet one and he has an affinity for fried eggs with salt and lots of pepper. (This is what happens when daddy cooks his breakfast!) I’m a little shocked by it, as I thought it would be a bit strong for him, but it really seems to be something he enjoys. Ha ha!

    1. My little guy loves eggs! I’m sure he would love just salt and pepper ! My hubby also LOVES pepper so im sure he would add a ton for him lol

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